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Coral Springs Crossfitters, Let's Talk about a Pain in the Snatch

here could be a variety of reasons why your shoulder hurts when you do snatches in the gym. Here are a few possibilities:

1. Poor technique: Snatches require a complex movement pattern that requires a lot of coordination and skill. If you're not performing the exercise correctly, you may be putting unnecessary strain on your shoulder joint. Consider working with a coach or trainer to refine your technique and ensure that you're performing the exercise safely and effectively.

2. Overuse or strain: If you're doing a lot of snatches or other shoulder-intensive exercises without allowing enough time for rest and recovery, you may be overusing your shoulder joint and causing strain or inflammation. I see this all the time in the clinic. Consider taking a break from snatches or reducing the frequency or intensity of your workouts to allow your shoulder to recover properly.

3. Weakness or imbalance: If certain muscles in your shoulder or back are weak or imbalanced, you may be compensating for this weakness by overusing other muscles, which can lead to pain or injury. Consider incorporating exercises that target your rotator cuff, scapula stabilizers, and other muscles that support the shoulder joint.

4. Structural issues: In some cases, shoulder pain during snatches may be related to structural issues such as impingement or instability in the joint. If your pain persists or is severe, consider consulting with a chiropractor (hi, its me) or a physical therapist to rule out any underlying structural issues.

With all that being said, I attached a 25 min shoulder mobility class with a focus on external rotation. This range is pivotal to developing a big ole' snatch.

Shoulder ER Mobility Class

Overall, if you're experiencing shoulder pain during snatches or any other exercise, it's important to listen to your body and take steps to address the issue. Ignoring pain or pushing through it can lead to further injury or chronic pain down the line.

Remember, pain is never okay and age is not an excuse. Period.

Stay Bendy my friends,

The Culture Chiros

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