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CARs Explanation: In Short, The workspace of a joint.

Let’s roll play, shall we. Imagine you’re 45 years young and you came to see me because I am a dentist. Your dental health isn’t quite where you want it, so I perform a thorough exam. Chances are you are going to have some… “stuff” going on. Maybe some gingivitis, maybe a few missing teeth, for sure bad breath, cavities etc. Now, we can all agree you probably should've come in sooner, because dental health is more preventative.

Side note: Is there anything worse than a Dentist shaming you for not flossing?

“I’m sorry I can’t be perfect.” - Simple Plan

Now we can’t reverse anything, what's done is done. What we can do is clean it up a little bit, and teach you how to take care of your pearly whites. So what are we getting at?

I'm like the dentist of your joints. You always have “stuff” going on. What we are doing isn't magic. I can’t undo a herniated disc, I can't un-tear your labrum.

What I can do is “clean up” your joints, and get them performing optimally for the tasks you need them to do. Which for everyone's a little bit different.

Insert CARs.

CAR’s stands for controlled articular rotations. They are the joint version of “brushing your teeth”. You brush your teeth at least twice a day because you know if you keep up with your dental health, you can avoid future dental problems.

It is fair to say that very few people LOVE brushing their teeth, but I can say with 100% confidence they love the outcome. Joint CARs are no different. We don’t expect you to fall in love with them. We expect you to take at least 5-10 min to hit them every damn day.


Because it's how we maintain our current state of health in our joints. It’s a practice based on longevity, not short term success. Appreciate the process. The magic happens by making a daily routine out of it.

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